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Future Security Lab

Future Security Lab – Zukunftslabor Sicherheit

What does the future of security look like? What are opportunities and challenges facing modern society? What aspects of security are being researched? In vivid scenarios with playful elements, visitors are introduced to new technologies and encouraged to discuss them.

Future Security Lab builds on the work of Research Forum on Public Safety and Security (Forschungsforum Öffentliche Sicherheit) which has been active in the field of security research at Freie Universität Berlin since 2009. Workshops, roundtable discussions, and guided tours for expert groups will take place in Future Lab Security. These will be documented in detail and published on the website of Future Lab Security.

Future Security Lab is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is aimed at specialist groups in the field of security research, decision-makers in the field of disaster and civil protection, and the political arena.

What can you expect in Future Security Lab?

Transdisciplinary security research is innovative, creative and forward-looking. Bringing together different actors and approaches is a challenge that Future Security Lab wants to face. It provides an overview of current research results and insights into the discourses of security research in Germany: A demonstrator of the project "New Strategies for Emergency Food Provision" (NeuENV) illustrates how an integration of private actors (e. g. food retailers) into the public emergency food system could be organised. The Dark Net analysis tool for drug trafficking developed in the project "Organised crime between virtual and real drug trafficking" (DROK) visualises offers and sales and thus enables new insights into such platforms. A sensor-based approach from the project "Social Area Framework for Early Security Triggers at Airports" (SAFEST) shows the use of anonymous data for crowd flow analysis. Leaving an airport building on the run served as an example for testing this approach for the evacuation of public buildings. These and many other exciting projects as well as their results are presented in thematic scenarios in Future Security Lab.

We invite all visitors to enter individual scenarios. New perspectives and ideas emerge which are evaluated in discussion rounds.

Here you will find project descriptions of all projects presented in Future Security Lab: Project outlines

Research Forum on Public Safety and Security as a bridge builder

In the immediate vicinity of the German Bundestag, the exchange between science and politics is a priority task of Future Security Lab. Since 2009, the Research Forum on Public Safety and Security has been working at this interface in order to bring current research results into the political discussion and to transport current topics from politics to science. The steering committee of the Research Forum on Public Safety and Security acts as a direct link to the German Bundestag.

Future Security Lab is located in the historic Robert Koch Forum and, thanks to its central location, offers easy access for decision-makers and experts from the fields of security research, disaster and civil protection and the political arena.

Einstein Center Digital Future is located in the same building. Professors from different sciences conduct research there, e. g. on various forms of digitization. Future Security Lab and Einstein Center Digital Future work together on security topics.

The project manager of Future Security Lab is Prof. Dr. Lars Gerhold. The head of the Future Security Lab, Ann-Kathrin Lindner, is also responsible for the content of Future Security Lab while Samuel Domiks is in charge of everything technological.

Please send your registrations and queries to

Ann-Kathrin Lindner

Freie Universität Berlin
Forschungsforum Öffentliche Sicherheit
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